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Budapest, Hungary

 By donating computers, screen reader and screen magnifier software programmes to blind and partially sighted people, so far our foundation has brought the world into sight for more than 2000 visually impaired persons.

Creating the Braille writing and reading in the 19th century, Braille has opened the door to independent writing and reading for visually impaired people. In our days computer technology has brought revolutionary changes for blind and partially sighted people. Nowadays computer is an important device in study, work and everyday life. Our aim is to help visually impaired people with new devices and technologies.


The aim of IT Foundation for the Visually Impaired is to create equal chances for visually impaired people in the IT sector. Blind and partial sighted people need special hardware and software to use computer. For the past 13 years our foundation has been successful in localizing, selling and donating special software and hardware.

The majority of blind and partial sighted people can’t afford expensive software and hardware. With the help of our foundation the necessary assisting technologies can reach many people in Hungary. By using these devices they can learn, work and organize their free time activities, too. As a result of our work the world has been visible for thousands of visually impaired people.

In the past thirteen years we granted more than 2000 software licenses, almost 600 computers and 830 digital voice recorders at the total value of more than 200 million HUF.

Our products

JAWS for Windows screen reading software developed for blind people, MAGic, Zoomtext screen magnifiers for partially sighted and Talks and Zooms reader and magnifier for mobile phones are regularly localized, donated and marketed by our foundation.

INFOALAP also markets different special hardware tools – PAC Mate, portable Braille-displays, digital desktop and portable magnifier devices.


Our foundation has an education room equipped with special devices for IT courses for blind and partially sighted, and training for teachers and librarians.

Helpdesk - Why do visually impaired people need an own helpdesk?

While a sighted person uses the computer with mouse and monitor, a blind person can only use the keyboard. A partial sighted person must know the possibilities to change the colour contrast and the way how to enlarge the information on the screen. Sighted IT experts have almost no knowledge of keyboard commands, neither about the software and hardware that are necessary for visually impaired people. Our helpdesk offers its services adapted to blind and partially sighted people. People, who are interested, can try special software that makes life of visually impaired people easier. These devices among others are JAWS screen reader, Magic screen magnifier, Zoomtext, Talks and Zooms, Omnipage, Finereader.

Our colleague shows you our hardware devices, Braille display, digital magnifiers or the book scanner. You also have the possibility to learn how to use these devices.

If you have problem with your computer, don’t hesitate, call Ákos Molnár: (36)(1)273-3188, Mobile: (36)(70)295-9288, or write a mail to: helpdesk@infoalap.hu

Presentations of assisting technologies

Since its establishment, IT Foundation for Visually Impaired informs its target audience about the novelties in this area. It announces all the information on its website and through the media as well. Foundation also presents technology and gives opportunities to the interested people to try in the practice.


Our foundation develops the Hungarian BeLin programme on a yearly basis, which is a localized and accessible Linux. This programme provides, as an alternative, the possibilities of Linux for visually impaired persons free of charge.

Innovation projects

INFOALAP works on research projects funded by the European Commission for the benefit of visually impaired people. The foundation is involved in three different innovation projects, see details on the following links:




International Camp on Communication and Computer (ICC)

Events like an international computer camp can motivate blind and partial sighted young people to acquire computer knowledge. ICC involves today more than 30 countries and is a great example for forming a community of young people with similar interests. These young people have different cultural and social backgrounds, in this camp they play, learn and work together. It draws the picture of a united Europe. Infoalap support the participation of Hungarian youngsters in the camp on a yearly basis.

Lapról hangra – From page to voice

In this project sighted volunteers read newspapers for blind and visually impaired people. They upload read material in mp3 on the website of the programme (www.laprolhangra.hu), where visually impaired people can listen to them. For blind people it is very difficult to read printed newspapers and magazines. Through this project they can reach different printed newspapers on an accessible website in human voice. Volunteers and the blind readers can also communicate about the read and heard articles on the website, through this they form a community, can be friends.

If you would like to join the project and help blind people by reading up articles in foreign languages, please contact the project team: laprolhangra@infoalap.hu

Tax number of INFOALAP is: 18171776-2-42

Bank account number of INFOALAP is: OTP 11714006-20403625


Headquarter: 1146 Budapest, Hermina u. 47.

Office: 1145 Budapest, Bácskai utca 29/b

Post office box: 1580 Budapest, Pf. 35.
Phone: +36-1-273-3180, +36-20-425-5224
Helpdesk: +36-70-295-9288
Fax: +36-1-273-3189

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